Dark skies over Dambwa

8 02 2012

The 8th and the pride were on the boundary of the Acacia treeline and Kariba. It was a quiet morning but all were very alert to something beyond our view. As usual Zulu was throwing his weight around when deciding to sit on top of Kela and Loma’s heads – something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for him.

Entering the site after breakfast a light shower was passing through the site. It only lasted 10 minutes or so and by the time we’d caught back up with the pride the last few drops were easing. Temi still seemed as restless as earlier initially sitting 20 metres or so away from the others scanning the area to the north of them, but eventually came and sat in the middle of the huddle. Just as she did a second shower came rolling in from the North – it was light enough though that we were able to stay with them. As the water started falling Zulu did something rather strange – he stood and walked a few metres before looking up to the sky. He then checked the clouds to the south, then to the north and then to the south again. Walking round to the other side of a bush he then did the same thing, tilting his gaze upwards and looking to the east and west, before checking the north again.

Deciding it was safe for now as this shower came to an end he settled back down amongst his ladies but as rumbles of thunder echoed, he’d bolt up each time and check the skies again. As the third wave of water swept in from the south west, the seven piled in under possibly the smallest tree possible. This one was a serious storm and after five minutes it was clear we weren’t going to be able to wait this one out. With a final glimpse of the pride under probably the worst choice of tree imaginable getting an absolute soaking, we wished them good luck and skidded all the way to the exit.




2 responses

8 02 2012
Yvonne Barton

What on earth is Zulu doing sitting on the lionesses heads!

8 02 2012
terry woo

Is it like flirting? like when a little boy pulls a girl’s hair? know what i mean?

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