Is there anyone there?

13 01 2012

It’s been a little bit tricky in Dambwa lately. The rains have revived the site after the scorching it received over the last few months – but it’s not doing an awful lot for visibility levels, with this being the normal view of the lions these days…

Still, the lions do from time to time prove to us that they have legs and it’s an actual relief when they amble out of the vegetation and onto the roads these days.

On the 4th January Kela and Zulu had split away from everyone else and were resting in Kariba whilst the remainders of the pride were up and about on Tsavo. Leya led that group across the area and to one of their favourite thickets in Sahara which we actually hadn’t seen them in for some time. What they were doing in there was anyone’s guess though.

A few days later and by the 7th everyone had hooked up and were hanging out just off the Lusaka road around the boundary of Chisamu and Chobe. Unfortunately this is one of the densest areas of the site and all we could see most of the time was ears flicking amongst the bushes.

This morning thankfully they were in a slightly more visible location between Chisamu and Kulibe. After a brief 20 minutes of observation they soon moved back into the tall grass and bushes to find some shade – and that was that. Until this afternoon when the pride caught an impala! Between us leaving them this morning and this afternoon they had shifted to Kariba and just before 1600h the pride went a-hunting and decided it was time to catch some afternoon tea.




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