26 10 2011

By the 22nd the Kela and Kwandi were back with the rest of their pride, in Bwizu. Neither seemed to be showing the strong signs of heat of the previous few days, but both were restless, fidgeting incessantly, and were much more alert than their companions.


A wildebeest was missing from our game count today; none of the lions appeared to be very heavy but there was definitely one less than the day before and so we had to assume they had killed it soon after we left on the 21st and had had several hours to digest it already.


The morning of the 23rd and everyone was close to pan one in Kariba. Within minutes of our arrival Leya had initiated a mass greeting session among the pride. She wasn’t displaying to quite the same degree as Kela had previously nor was there any purring; but being a usual greetee rather than greeter, the gusto with which she greeted everyone – Kwandi, and her sister Loma, on several occasions – all within the space of a minute suggests she may too be coming into heat. Somewhat ironic considering her reaction to Kela only a few days ago.


By mid-morning a herd of grazing zebra 200m away from the lions was causing no small amount of interest. The zebra were oblivious to the lions presence and continued grazing for the entire mid-morning session; luckily for them while they had several pairs of eyes trained on them it was clearly too hot for the lions to do much more than watch their every move from the comfort of the shade.






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