Things have been very quiet in Dambwa of late

12 10 2011

Having made a kill over the weekend on a wildebeest, Monday saw everyone resting in the pride’s favourite spot in Chobe – all day. Barely an eye opened or ear twitched.

By Tuesday, Kela, Kwandi, Loma and Leya were busy relaxing in Kariba near waterpan 1 with the remains of a freshly killed wildebeest close by. Temi and Rusha’s signals led us to the Sanga Boundary on the opposite side of the site. As no visual could be obtained of the pair we couldn’t confirm if they too had eaten from this latest kill. The KL grouping had already finished feeding by the time we arrived, and with the state of the carcass suggesting the kill had been made the evening before Rusha and Temi certainly had time to have eaten overnight and move off; but it was an awfully long way to walk on such a full stomach…

By the morning of the 12th everyone was back together again in Chisamu – not surprisingly sleeping.  As temperatures have continued to rise over the month, activity levels have dropped to the point that they are now practically non-existent. Even social interactions are a distant memory, in the past week we’ve witnessed less than half a dozen of these in total.




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