Dining on puku

19 09 2011

The fun and games have continued with the Dambwa pride over last few days; on the morning of the 16th all six were seen in the Tsavo area of the site snacking on a light puku breakfast. But once the dining experience was done they headed back into their favourite area; the Acacia boundary and remained invisible for the rest of the day. Luckily, ever-dependable Kela emerged out of the boundary and onto Tsavo mid-afternoon and took some shelter from the blistering sun in the shade of an ant-hill.

Finding solace from the heat was one thing, but trying to find some respite from the army of flies plaguing her was quite another and after several snaps at them with her jaws she got up and ambled back towards the boundary. Thinking we were going to lose the only visual we had of any pride member moods began to sour; but Kela seemed to be a little confused as to exactly where she’d left her pride mates and spent several minutes contemplating a number of points along the tree line only to give up and collapse in a miserable heap with only the flies for company.

The 17th finally saw all six pride members in rather rude and rotund health relaxing by Water Pan 3 all day. The stomachs were full – although game counts showed that they hadn’t taken a wildebeest since the early hours of the 15th.  All the zebra were accounted for as well; we do have one puku missing at the moment and a half dozen impala have gone awol since the lions’ release, so it seems that the most recent meal was some sort of antelope mixed grill.

This morning (18th) and they were all back in the Acacia boundary to the north of Tsavo. Despite several attempts to gain any sighting from either inside the site or from the outside corridor, they remained elusive, but they’re somewhere in here…




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