Hide and seek with the Dambwa Pride

16 09 2011

For the last week the pride have pretty much taken up residence in the Acacia boundary; this and its opposite Sanga boundary are 30m deep thick tree lines which the fences of the site are built into to prevent the lions using the fence to assist in hunting. However, as we head into the summer months and rising temperatures they also offer superior shade… and of course the pride have picked one tree slap bang in the middle of the boundary as their current favourite; meaning they are barely visible from inside or outside of the site.


The one plus side is that waterpan 2 is a mere hop, skip and a jump away from this spot and parking up here on a daily basis we’ve occasionally caught the odd glimpse of one lion or another coming down to drink before returning back to the tree line.


But finally yesterday, the entire pride came out en masse. The afternoon started off annoyingly similar to previous days with the signals taking us straight to the same cursed spot in the trees; but not long after Kela stumbled out onto the road and was swiftly followed by Rusha. With stomachs like barrels (an ex-wildebeest was found later in the afternoon on the border of Chisamu and Kulibe) it was a wonder they had any room for liquid – but guzzle it down they did. We were feeling pretty chuffed that instead of returning to the treeline they both decided to flop down by the pan; and when Kwandi and Temi then came out for a drink as well it felt like Christmas!


Clearly the weight of digesting wildebeest squashed down with a couple of litres of water was a bit too much for Temi who after drinking had a very lady-like couple of belches. Loma was out next and finally Leya and the L sisters posed considerately for a family shot at the pan.

One by one everyone found a spot for themselves and their stomachs; and even though the rest of the afternoon was spent watching them sleep it was just nice to be able to see them properly again!





One response

16 09 2011
Joyce Kinton

Side by side…..if we clung to our own as the pride do, taking care of each other, who knows how man can live….xx

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