The girl’s practice their co-operative hunting techniques

7 09 2011


The pride were moving through the Acacia boundary, heading East in the Kariba area of the site this afternoon (6th Sep); there was plenty of play but also a sense of purpose as they chased each other towards Waterpan 2. While Leya, Loma and Temi stopped for a drink, Kwandi suddenly doubled back on her tracks and headed deeper in Bwizu trailed by Rusha and Kela’s stares.

Approximately 200m away were five zebra and 10 impala. Taking a wide right flank Kwandi continued towards them through the tall grass and one by one the rest of the pride became vigilant to what had drawn her attention. Leya led her troop on a right flank while Rusha took up a direct post and Kela… well, Kela stubbornly sat where she was apparently waiting for someone to tell her what was going on. When she did eventually get to her feet some considerable time later everyone else had already advanced a good 100m and taken up their positions.

At one point, the zebra seemed to spook and ran in the opposite direction, but only 20m or so before going back to their grazing. Eventually Temi broke cover and started to chase, but she was still a good 70-80m away and the zebra and impala had plenty of time to get out of her way. But the lions were undeterred and began a leisurely march after their targets.

Slipping in and out of the thickets across Chobe, at some point someone decided the pride should head in the opposite direction and we picked them up again heading East once more and towards Tsavo.  As they reached the top of Chisamu and Sahara Temi decided she’d had enough and sat down in the middle of the road; Kwandi was having none of this though and came back to give her nudge before all six continued on their march.




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