The wind blows trouble into Dambwa

30 08 2011

The lions were last seen on the 28th heading intently after the wildebeest following a close hunt; most notably from Temi. However, despite expectations that overnight they would make a kill the six were found slumbered round an anthill on Tsavo this morning, using the rather pitiful cover of a couple of bare trees as shelter from some quite exceptional wind.

But none of them had the wind up their tail this morning, and apart from a bit of jostling for position they barely stirred. Power couple Leya and Kwandi snuggled up to one another for a bit of a greet and groom session (no doubt sharing plans on how to take over the world) and Temi managed to open her eyes briefly and spotted four impala about 150m away. But the area was too open, the wind was blowing the lions’ scent towards the prey and seemingly she just couldn’t be bothered.

Several vultures swooped in over the area during the course of the morning, so a search of Tsavo was undertaken on the off-chance another kill had been made. But no kill site could be located, and the lions’ stomachs seemed to be no bigger than yesterday.

Later this morning, smoke was seen close to the South Eastern boundary of the site, the lions seemed oblivious though, but the continued high winds were causing some concern. Kela and Leya became alert to a herd of wildebeest and impala some 150m away on Tsavo, whilst the others slept on. As the fire grew closer to the site research had to be put on hold, until it was brought under control – in the meantime, Temi had crept to within 20m of the wildebeest but the game was up when Rusha stumbled into the open.

By late afternoon the pride was in the Kariba area, all eyes except for Kwandi’s were fixed firmly on impala – but Kwandi wasn’t too far away… busy watching wildebeest. She soon made the short walk to join the rest of the group and in between bouts of nodding off, they seemed to take it in turns to keep an eye on the nearby prey.


With the high winds all day and apparently no kill since Saturday, it was still a bit of mystery as to why the lions had been in such a lazy mood all day – they weren’t heavy with food and the weather was perfect for play. But on the way out of the site the zebra provided some clues when a herd stepped across the road, one sub-adult had a painful looking injury to the chest… no doubt the work of one or more members of the pride; and probably what had kept the lions up past their bedtime last night.




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