Coming together

29 08 2011

Early the next morning (28th) all six girls were back together and making their way across North Chobe and over Lusaka Road back into Puku Dambo. The stomachs looked a little smaller and the faces much cleaner. After climbing through the dry river bed that runs through this area, the pride climbed back up the far bank and settled down for a bit of a social as the temperature began to rise. And that’s pretty much where they stayed for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon.

It was Kela who first showed some signs of life again as the heat began to subside, rolling out from the shade, back down into the riverbed and over the other side. The others sat up to watch her, but after 20 metres she sat back down to face them and Kwandi soon came to join her sister. After 10 minutes of a stare-off across the gully, Temi eventually stood, stretched and ambled across with Rusha in tow and soon everyone was on the move making their way West along the Lusaka Road.

There was no surprise when seasoned hunter Leya was the first to spot an impala about 200 metres away in Sibaka.

The entire group gave a rather half-hearted stalk, hardly covering 20 metres before losing interest – but their attention had turned immediately to the wildebeest on Kariba; this time it was Kwandi who led the stalk, with Leya acting as back-up. As the pair approached, Temi slunk off to the right. Kwandi broke cover leading the chase and the wildebeest kicked up an almighty cloud of dust as they bolted East; straight towards Temi. It would have been too much to ask to witness a kill on day two of a release, but still Temi did manage to get to 20 metres of her prey. And as the afternoon came to an end the pride were still pursuing the herd (at a much more leisurely pace); you wouldn’t want to be wildebeest in Dambwa tonight…





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