Getting over the first day jitters: easily

28 08 2011

Following the hullaballoo of release day, the lions were given some peace and quiet and a bit of time to settle on the 27th but curiosity got the better of some people and a trip into the site in the late afternoon found Kela and Leya resting at the top of Puku Dambo on the borders with Bwizu. What was immediately apparent was that these were two very well fed lions with some very dirty faces… A mixture of hooded and white-backed vultures were perched in the trees towards the Acacia boundary but a quick search of the area yielded no carcass. Besides, there were four other lions to find.

So the search for the unfortunate victim was abandoned and Kwandi, Loma, Rusha and Temi were located in West Kariba looking equally fat and dishevelled whilst eying up some impala- except for Loma, whose stomach was bulging so obscenely that as she tried to sit up she realised it just wasn’t worth it and instead slumped back down to lick the blood from her paw.




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