The Dambwa Pride get ready for their last night before release

25 08 2011

For their last night before release the pride was moved from their enclosure to the holding boma adjacent to the release site itself.  First the Lion Encounter team split the pride into two sets of three with Kela, Loma and Leya being in the first group to be moved.  Offals had been placed by staff in the holding boma ahead of this to help lure the lions in the right direction.

As they were let out a lead vehicle moved ahead to block their access into the main site itself (i.e. to prevent a release a day too early) and then to lead them to the holding boma.  A  second vehicle and experienced lion staff came up behind to gently encourage them in the right direction. It was a hot afternoon but the lions walked along quite happily in the right direction with little intervention needed from either team.  Once they got the scent of the offals they made a beeline for the new enclosure and were locked inside.

The second group (Rusha, Temi and Kwandi) took a slightly different route – having heard the first three getting into a bit of a fight over the offals they went straight to the release site fence line looking for the source. The secondary team came up from behind while the lead called and after a bit of jostling the lions were back on track and made it just in time to get the last scraps of offals.

The entire process went more smoothly than expected and took less than an hour to complete. All six are now settling in to their temporary home, for one night only, wondering what on earth is going on.




One response

25 08 2011
Joyce Kinton

So all went well, would so have loved to see it happen on film…
Maybe one day ? xx

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