A look at their form…

14 08 2011

The Dambwa pride already has a formidable track record and blistering form; we have every confidence that they will be able to sustain themselves upon release.  On regular forays into the site the girls have refused to come home to their enclosure and made a kill overnight when we went to find them in the following morning.  On 26th August we will cease trying to encourage them back to the enclosure, but will leave them out in their natural environment to look after themselves.

Kwandi made her first kill on 5th March 2009 when she caught a cane rat on a morning walk.  In July of that year she killed two waterbuck, 11 days apart, and soon after took a duiker.  Rusha on the other hand found a liking for baboon, including occasionally climbing into trees to flush them out.  She took three; in January and February 2010 and another in August of the same year.  She also caught and killed a monitor lizard in February 2010.  Temi caught a waterbuck when she was only 11 months old in September 2009, following up later that month with an impala.  Later she also took a baboon and a further impala.

But it is Leya who is the undisputed queen of the hunt.  At thirteen months old she caught herself an impala, but followed that up soon after by taking down a four metre tall giraffe.  Not content with that she went on a few months later to take a second giraffe before moving onto a successful wildebeest hunting career.

Whilst no kills can be attributed specifically to either Kela or Loma, they have been present on a number of successful hunts that have been made within the Dambwa site during their pre-release training.  The pride has successfully hunted wildebeest, impala and puku in the site, with wildebeest being the favoured prey.

It is not just the number of kills that is impressive but also the variety of species taken, each requiring different approaches.  We are confident that this pride is well prepared for the challenges ahead.




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